Trees | Jan2011

by SuePHdesign


Backcountry - Sierra Nevada Mountains

Backcountry | c2011


Image Information: This shot was taken in the morning after an excursion into the Tahoe backcountry for some fresh powder skiing. It was shot from the car as we were headed off  Mt Rose Hwy. Originally I started shooting out the window on road trips because the driver wasn’t patient to stop at every inspiring thing that I saw. It’s developed into somewhat of experimental shooting because I am unable to aim at anything in particular because of the speed of the car. If I want complete focus I of course pump up the shutter speed but with this smart phone project I don’t have the control with the small phone to achieve this. I never really know what I am going to get and this is somehow comforting like the days of film where you couldn’t wait to get to the darkroom.

Taken with a Smart Phone; ISO 200; 1.74 MB; Resolution 1952×2592; Jpeg; Manufacturer and Model undisclosed. This image is part of the [365: A Study] project. sa