It’s not always about the Photograph

by SuePHdesign

Abstract | c2011

A WP guru friend told me today that posts don’t need to be long or novel-eeshe so I am practicing my spontaneity and my version of improv in short form and for pete’s sake I’m a photographer not a writer so maybe this will help. Then maybe just maybe I can get over my need for perfection in writing. Fuck it if I mispelled something or my gramMar is shitty. Again I’m a photographer not a writer. Okay there. One thing off my brain.

My head is full of ideas and what does a creative type do when their head is full of it 24/7? Well I say spill it on wordpress! Yesterdays’ idea was 30 days of shooting one thing. Today I am deciding what that thing is. Tomorrow I’ll let you know.

Now if I can just get past the urge to post a picture and just press PUBLISH……