Photo of the Moment [6]

by SuePHdesign

Digital looking like film | 2012

Digital looking like film | 2012

POM Six printed captured  and manipulated to appear like film.

I am laying the plans to start transferring my film to digital files. All my negatives have stored well over the years so then scans should look pretty clean. I’m aiming for KodaksPolymax II RC BW/N semi matt with or without a sepia wash or for some the Kodak Ektacolor Supra II E.

Like the Kodak moment of days long gone “Photo of the Moment” is a random posting of photos by ST Photography, AT Adventures and other contributors. Here we will capture the day, a moment that sparks the creativity or something that simply captures our attention. A quick post with a visual feast. It’s like fast food but is good for you.