Weekly Photo Challenge: Today

by SuePHdesign


It had been a long and extremely busy few weeks and on this particular Sunday [yesterday]  I was feeling a bit exhausted. So when I took some time to sit on my front porch which is a favorite part of our new house,  I caught a glimpse and a reminder that on certain days we should be dedicated to rest and relaxation. A Moment in Time as I say to soak in your surrounds and just be.

The last few week have been filled with paperwork to submit for licencing, study, quizzes, photo test shoots and all the necessary steps to start my photography business on top of working a full time J.O.B.  All the while trying to continue to shoot my art images, build my portfolio, market, create leads and talk to people and friends/family about my new business venture. One that is long in coming but shared by many in my circles. My sister-in-law said something really interesting the other day…”Most entreprenuers don’t succeed until their late 30’s early 40’s because of process and learning.” It’s true.

I recently began training to become a Google Trusted Photographer which will be 1 of 3 aspects maybe four of my new business. It’s a arduous and technical process but very rewarding and not considered W.O.R.K. The business will comprise of Google business Photos, Weddings in the summer and Ski Concierge Services in the winter.

But on this particular day I just needed to rest and my front porch afforded me the right to just be and enjoy my surroundings. It was a good two hours….here’s to the beginning of the lazy days of summer……?

What’s Your “Just Be” time in summer? We would love to hear how you spend your free time.