Photo of the Month: Girl rocks surfboard on a California beach.

by SuePHdesign

My niece Sasha Marie Stocking is an amazing 14 year old. She impresses, inspires and constantly surprises me every time we talk. She’s going on 15[which apparently is the new 30…lol], smart, beautiful and has two parents that have done an amazing job so far. So today I celebrate Sasha. Her birthday is in a couple days and wanted to boast a bit.

Sasha is first and foremost kind at heart. She takes care of her little brother with patience, love and understanding. I’ll talk about Skyler another time. He’s our little man who keeps everyone together and full of smiles and love. I admire Sasha for being such a good sister. She carries a good amount of responsibility at her young age.

Sasha is a an aspiring model, a surfer, a dancer, a christian,  a math whiz and all around good student. What really impresses me though and keeps me young at heart is her athleticism. She’s a California surf girl, a Rosey Riveter type but with the nails of a young lady. She is tough and ambitious in her search for her identity and career choice. She doesn’t know yet but I love her ideas on what she might want to do. I see her in the journalism field either as a writer/photographer or an engineer like her dad. Whatever she decides you can be sure I will encourage and support her.  For now she needs a new wetsuit and a birthday is on the horizon.

Here’s my girl in action on the Big Blue Pacific! So proud! And her number one fan!!

Sash Hangin’ Ten | Feature Photo | Seal Beach | M and M Surf School dot com

Sasha is featured in this collage from the M and M Surf School website. Look at that big smile!

All my love to my girl Sasha. Happy 15th Birthday!  Keep up the good work and keep listening to your Mom!

p.s. wanted to share my favorite photo of us! Ski Hugs with Sasha and Auntie Sue

Mount Rose Ski Resort \ Reno Nevada | 2008