Touché! A Walk with the dog.

by SuePHdesign

Touché! Neither dog poop nor bad font choices should be taken lightly. What is your favorite font of the week? Hopefully it’s not ComicSans.  I don’t think it’s even part of my collection anymore an only fun for a second in 1999, here’s why…

Brutal typography poster puts a Comic Sans user in their place By Dom Carter 5.11.2017 

Innocent users of the infamous font continue to be shown no mercy.  Few things are more universally hated in the world of design than Comic Sans. Originally inflicted upon the world back in 1994 after creator Vincent Connare apparently knocked it off in an afternoon, the infamous font continues to irritate graphic designers to this very day. Even the man who inspired it is eager to distance himself

The latest example of Comic Sans-ignited fury comes from this photo posted on Twitter by Russell Alton, AKA Your Trusted Wizard. When an annoyed resident used the dreaded typeface in a snarky ad asking people to clean up after their dogs, one type-loving neighbor was prompted to ask the original poster to clean up their own mess.

BLOG COMIC SANS Comic Sans: It’s like dog poo for the eyes

This rebuttal has been shared about online to the glee and disgust of designers, and it’s certainly got us pondering which is worse: the trauma of treading on dog poo or the unprovoked appearance of Comic Sans?

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