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365: One Year of Images Taken Only with a Smart Phone

Communication | c2011

This is 365:  I spent the last year photographing only with my smart phone. I didn’t set any rules just simply titled the project and let it evolve from there. Some months I produced no images, other months I produced hundreds. As the project evolved and ideas were developed many changes were made to what originally was going to be 365 images. It rolls and changes, I change my mind, and change again. Imagine a floating ribbon 1 mile long floating in the wind from a 100 foot tree in the desert. This is how I imagine the evolution of my project as it exists. Organized chaos. The editing process has allowed the project to evolve completely into what it is by letting the images speak for themselves.

The image quality of a smart phone is shit yet somehow I produced some arty images I wouldn’t have gotten with  my Nikon. 1thousand 4hundred and 18 images, 12 months of shooting and 3 months of editing down to 99 final images. Ninety nine images is a lot to visually process so I’m only showing 12 here because I want the audience to make the choice whether or not to view the complete project.

Enjoy the sampling. Click Here to see complete project. Or Here on Flicker

Sky Fire II | c2011

The Road | c2011

Red Door | c2011

White | c2011

Manzanita Sky | c2011

Tamarack Ridge II | c2011

Moonrise| c2011

Sky Fire I | c2011

Deer! | c2011

Feather Lake Oasis | c2011

Hat Creek | c2011

The Abstract Series I

Social Distortion | 2011

Reno Motel Life

Reno Motel Life is a photo journey down 4th Street. The historic U.S. Route 40, and before that the more historic Lincoln Highway which ran through the heart of Reno along 4th Street. Many businesses arose over the years along the route to take advantage of the highway traffic.  Then in the 1970’s Interstate 80 was built and many of these businesses were bypassed. Many have disappeared all together, the remnants of some remain, others struggle to stay in business, and a few flourish. Today East 4th Street is getting a bit of a revitalization and new businesses are breathing new life into the once dying area.


click HERE for the link to the book I published on this project.

365: A Study. February | 2011

365: A Study. January | 2011

Tamarack Ridge | c2011



365: A Study. One Year of Images Taken Only with a Smart Phone.   I started this project in January 2011 after conjuring up the idea the previous December sitting on my front porch experimenting with a new camera phone. The settings panel has quite a few options for exposure control:  ISO, white balance, resolution, widescreen res 3:2 or 4:3, quality exposure brightness which is very handy and the beloved effects options. It was here that the project was born. I had achieved an image that look like any photo my dad took in the 70’s with that funky color. [Retro Pink] Then the next shot I switched up the effect and got this dark, moody, evil cloud image that looked like it could be the cover to a book for a new world order cult. [Sky Rider] I loved it and from there I didn’t look back. For a while I was shooting just from my front porch at different times of the day with about the same settings and getting very different results based on the light. This little phone camera has been fun and I’m looking forward to getting a few images on canvas. Believe it or not the enlargements look good, a bit grainy but that’s my style.

This post is dedicated to Mr. Withrow, Mr. Davis, Mrs. Davis, KC, Pam, Stephanie, Kim and Tracy. We will never forget.


Bike | Jan2011

Bike  - Reno | Nevada

Image Information: This shot was taken early morning in Reno Nevada after a snowstorm dropped a few inches on the ground. It is always amazing that some people will bike in any weather but added interest to the image.  sa

Taken with a Smart Phone; ISO 200; 1.69 MB; Resolution 1952×2592; Jpeg; Manufacturer and Model undisclosed. This image was shot for the[365: A Study] project 2011.

Sky Rider | Jan2011

 Image Information: This shot was taken mid day in Reno Nevada while high winds were blowing in the most amazing clouds. This is the first image I took for this project [365: A Study] before the project was even conceived and was the inspiration. sa

Taken with a Smart Phone; ISO 100; 1.69 MB; Resolution 1952×2592; Jpeg; Manufacturer and Model undisclosed.

Trees | Jan2011


Backcountry - Sierra Nevada Mountains

Backcountry | c2011


Image Information: This shot was taken in the morning after an excursion into the Tahoe backcountry for some fresh powder skiing. It was shot from the car as we were headed off  Mt Rose Hwy. Originally I started shooting out the window on road trips because the driver wasn’t patient to stop at every inspiring thing that I saw. It’s developed into somewhat of experimental shooting because I am unable to aim at anything in particular because of the speed of the car. If I want complete focus I of course pump up the shutter speed but with this smart phone project I don’t have the control with the small phone to achieve this. I never really know what I am going to get and this is somehow comforting like the days of film where you couldn’t wait to get to the darkroom.

Taken with a Smart Phone; ISO 200; 1.74 MB; Resolution 1952×2592; Jpeg; Manufacturer and Model undisclosed. This image is part of the [365: A Study] project. sa

Red Door | Dec2011

Red Door - Reno | Nevada

Red Door | c2011

Welcome to Capturing Light – HELLO WORLD!

Let me start off with one of my favorite quotes by Eleanor Roosevelt Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people.

Capturing Light is a forum for ideas, photography, art and inspiration in aspiration of always surrounding myself with great minds. I will be showcasing my projects from archived negatives I promised & will give up my right pinky toe to get them scanned this year. [Apparently there is a demand for my old black and white projects from the 90’s.]…to my most recent project 365: A Study. One year of images taken only with a Smart Phone. I started posting this project on January 12th and the thought is I will post one each day for the rest of the year.

So sit back, relax, pour a drink and enjoy the ride. This is going to be fun. Visit often – like much – leave your opinion and share with your friends.

Cheers, SueAnn

Image Information: This shot was taken in the mid morning as we were passing through Alturas a little town in the NE corner of California.  This was one of the last images I took for the [365: A Study] project as we were driving through town at about 30 MPH with a continuous shutter action so when I stopped shooting I had about 70 images and no idea what I had just shot. Out of the 70 shots I edited it down to about 5 or 6 that made the cut. sa

Taken with a Smart Phone; ISO 200; 1.71 MB; Resolution 1952×2592; Jpeg; Manufacturer and Model undisclosed.

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