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September Harvest


The first collective harvest of season one. Beets, baby spinach, kale and baby beet greens. It was a late planting but the squash is developing and the pumpkins should be coming around soon. They are in the barrel to the side of the raised bed which was originally intended for compost and fill dirt for the bed. Well I composed my Halloween pumpkins from last fall and to my surprise I now have a lovely pumpkin patch. Cucumbers are taking over the bed and are happy and cool so I am thinning things around them to make room. Next years garden plan is underway and will be giving everything a bit more room with two new raised beds, herb garden, green house and main flower bed for replanting around the yard. Apparently the Marigolds I planted in the raised bed LOVE the chicken manure that was mixed into my own compost soil
+ store bought garden soil. Good combo. The Marigold are giants and so big I need to transplant them elsewhere!  I’m tired of my dirt back yard and more landscaping is in order. Hummmm dreaming of a lush green lawn….maybe next year.


Fall harvest season is upon us….my second favorites season.

DIY: garden path


Photo of the momemt

Somewhere near Truckee CA
A Place in the July sun.

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