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Weekly Photo Challenge: Today


It had been a long and extremely busy few weeks and on this particular Sunday [yesterday]  I was feeling a bit exhausted. So when I took some time to sit on my front porch which is a favorite part of our new house,  I caught a glimpse and a reminder that on certain days we should be dedicated to rest and relaxation. A Moment in Time as I say to soak in your surrounds and just be.

The last few week have been filled with paperwork to submit for licencing, study, quizzes, photo test shoots and all the necessary steps to start my photography business on top of working a full time J.O.B.  All the while trying to continue to shoot my art images, build my portfolio, market, create leads and talk to people and friends/family about my new business venture. One that is long in coming but shared by many in my circles. My sister-in-law said something really interesting the other day…”Most entreprenuers don’t succeed until their late 30’s early 40’s because of process and learning.” It’s true.

I recently began training to become a Google Trusted Photographer which will be 1 of 3 aspects maybe four of my new business. It’s a arduous and technical process but very rewarding and not considered W.O.R.K. The business will comprise of Google business Photos, Weddings in the summer and Ski Concierge Services in the winter.

But on this particular day I just needed to rest and my front porch afforded me the right to just be and enjoy my surroundings. It was a good two hours….here’s to the beginning of the lazy days of summer……?

What’s Your “Just Be” time in summer? We would love to hear how you spend your free time.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

Deanna and Rodney

Recently I had the opportunity to photograph my cousins beautiful champion quarter horse Rodney.



Rodney is a registered AQHA, American Quarter Horse. He was born in San Martin, CA on March 11, 1982, at Tinker Stables. His registered name is Docs Skippin Tivio yet received his barn name[nickname] of Hotrod or Rodney because the first choice name Tivios Hotrod was already taken.

Deanna is second owner to Rodney, she bought him directly from the breeder when he was four years old and still a stallion. He is of the bloodlines that were known as the Empire of Cutting, in the late 70’s and through the 80’s that is the Doc Bar and Poco Tivio legacy. Rodney is the grandson to Doc’s Peper Bar and Poco Tivio. There is longevity in his bloodlines, Doc Bar lived to be 36. Rodney was started by John Ward and then trained by Billy Cochrane.

Rodney has showed in the Snaffle Bit Futurity, the Oregon Futurity and many weekend cutting events. Rod has been happy and healthy all his life and is probably the most athletic horse I have ever ridden. He has spent his life loving to work and always wanting to please; I have never had to get after him, he has been tried and true. We formed a great partnership in the show pen. He loves to work cattle. After he retired we did sporting events locally, he was a favorite with the other competitors. I was offered a lot of money for him several times but politely declined, as he was my friend and life mate as a horse.

He has done a number of interesting things in his career, he was the half time show at Dressage in the Wine country, paired along an Oldenburg Stallion that he was the mini shadow to. Rodney does the same moves as in dressage but in the western genre. He also spent time on the Racetrack as a pony horse. Rodney also won a lap and tap race as part of a four horse team, along side of some quarter horses off the track. He was lightening fast, Doc Bar was originally bred to race. Rodney has personality plus, he comes running to a specific whistle. He also knows voice commands, and is very sensitive to leg pressure and ques when ridden. He is like driving a high performance race car. He has a funny passion for smell, he like to smell ladies long hair…..he also loved to gently smell Nick when he was an infant….funny horse. Rodney will go down in history as the best horse I will ever own. ~D

In the ring | 2012

In the ring | 2012

Docs Skippin Tivio " Rodney"

Docs Skippin Tivio " Rodney"


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