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Micano Home & Garden Decor Gets a Google 360 Virtual Tour

Micano Home and Garden Decor has been in business since 2003 and is located in the Midtown District of Reno Nevada. If you haven’t been there tour the shop here before you go then head down to Micano and see Sam. You will love the cultural decor, tribal art and reclaimed furniture. Sam works with many local artist’s and a large amount of Micano’s merchandise is local art from #Nevada artist’s.

“If you like rustic, tribal, funky, or organic decor come by check us out. We have lots of unique lamps, wall art, fountains, and more metal art pieces than anyone else in town. 25 percent or so of the art is from right here in Reno.  Shop local, shop Micano’s.” ~Sam Sprague

Sam recently contracted SuePh Photography for a Google 360 Virtual Tour  |  See Inside the interactive tour below

Now that Micano has their Google 360 Virtual Tour this is how their listing comes up on Google Searches. He tells me he had a new customers come down the first day it was published. Want to engage YOUR customers? Call me for a free consultation

and learn more about Google Maps | Google Business Photos.

Micano SEO listing Reno Nevada SuePH SueAnn Tomlinson


Google Officially Launches Local Results Carousel


by Jennifer Slegg, June 19, 2013

Google Carousel Launch SuePH Reno Nevada

The Google Local Carousel beta test that we saw last month is now rolling out to all U.S. users, Google announced. While the carousel has been used on tablet devices since December 2012, the carousel style results being available on a desktop is a much newer change.

With the new style of carousel listings, when a user searches for a local results, such as a restaurant or hotel, instead of the traditional vertical listings most users associate with Google search, there is now a horizontal carousel which features thumbnails, ratings, as well as the number of Google+ reviews. Users can then scroll sideways through the listings to see more results.

One of the positive things to this new carousel style for local results is that businesses who might not rank in the top two or three required to see the results above the fold, can now see their business featured very prominently, complete with an image. However, there is no guarantee that your business will be one of the ones chosen to show in the carousel. Google search ranking algorithms also apply to the listings in Google Maps in determining which businesses are featured in the carousel.

This will also mean it is that much more important for a local business to ensure that the thumbnail used for their local business listing is one that not only represents their business, but is eye-catching enough to draw searchers to their listing. Interestingly, Google’s algorithms will also decide which photo is used, although exactly what algorithms are used as unknown at this time, but they do suggest using high quality images on your Google business listing.

Google’s local carousel is only available in limited verticals at this time, with hotels, restaurants, and bars being amongst the verticals included. They do say that they are looking to expand this by experimenting with different designs and interfaces.

This is currently being rolled out in the U.S. only at this time and is only available in English.

English: Wordmark of Google Maps

Google Maps: Hello Central Park | Hello World

Google Maps in partnership with the New York Central Park Conservancy have mapped the park to allow residents and visitor alike to experience the park from any browser or mobile device.  Be there, find your way and experience our world in amazing HDR photography.

The Street View crew went all around park collecting 360-degree imagery of its trails, paths, and plazas, to bring views of both famous and little-known areas of the park to your browser or mobile phone.

See how the Central Park Conservancy uses Google Maps to help shape the visitor experience today. Learn more about the park at

To explore more Google Maps projects visit their You Tube Channel

Google Maps: Mapping the world, one project at a time.

Google Business Photos: Mapping the world, one business at a time

Carson City Orthodontics: On the Map.

Carson City Orthodontics | #CarsonCity Nevada | 2012Welcoming and inviting #CarsonCity Orthodontics will greet you with a Smile… anytime  – everytime. Southern hospitality + modern architecture welcome you on your first step through the door.

Carson City Orthodontics is a boutique-style office catering to patients with outstanding personal attention and customized care from the first call to the day of debond and beyond! Dr. Melissa Jones and the entire Carson City Orthodontics team are friendly and fun while still being detail and quality-oriented.

We want you to leave our office with many reasons to smile!

Carson City Orthodontics was born from the desire to see Carson City and the surrounding areas flourish as a hub for happy, healthy, and successful living.  A booming community begins with individuals empowered to feel good and do good, both for themselves and others. We empower people of all ages by making their smile beautiful. Using state-of-the-art technology and orthodontic techniques, along with upmost attention to personal service, their mission is to help you smile and feel good!

We use state-of-the-art technology and orthodontic techniques, along with upmost attention to personal service, our mission is to help you smile and feel good! -Dr. Melissa S Jones

Reno Mazda Kia is on the Map!

Google + Local map that is! I have gotten great feedback from my clients and customers who have seen the tours and they love it.

See for yourself what Google Business Photos and ST Photography can do for you!



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Weekly Photo Challenge: Today


It had been a long and extremely busy few weeks and on this particular Sunday [yesterday]  I was feeling a bit exhausted. So when I took some time to sit on my front porch which is a favorite part of our new house,  I caught a glimpse and a reminder that on certain days we should be dedicated to rest and relaxation. A Moment in Time as I say to soak in your surrounds and just be.

The last few week have been filled with paperwork to submit for licencing, study, quizzes, photo test shoots and all the necessary steps to start my photography business on top of working a full time J.O.B.  All the while trying to continue to shoot my art images, build my portfolio, market, create leads and talk to people and friends/family about my new business venture. One that is long in coming but shared by many in my circles. My sister-in-law said something really interesting the other day…”Most entreprenuers don’t succeed until their late 30’s early 40’s because of process and learning.” It’s true.

I recently began training to become a Google Trusted Photographer which will be 1 of 3 aspects maybe four of my new business. It’s a arduous and technical process but very rewarding and not considered W.O.R.K. The business will comprise of Google business Photos, Weddings in the summer and Ski Concierge Services in the winter.

But on this particular day I just needed to rest and my front porch afforded me the right to just be and enjoy my surroundings. It was a good two hours….here’s to the beginning of the lazy days of summer……?

What’s Your “Just Be” time in summer? We would love to hear how you spend your free time.

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