New Year Resolutions: Make it a Great New Year!

Tamerack looking towards Mount Rose Ski ResortNew Year Resolutions

Make it a Great New Year!

Resolutions, some gruff at the idea while others embrace the challenge of making changes. January is the time when we think about how we are going to do things different and make positive changes in our lives. For example, lose a few extra pounds, read more, spend more quality time with our families. Whatever it is that you want to do different it is possible with a change of behavior. If you dream it, you can do it! For me, I decided to volunteer more this year. The Dolan Automotive Group gives so much back to the community, it has inspired me to volunteer and to get more involved in my community.

The big question is where do you start? Think of your passions and what really gets you excited? Remember to start small and create those attainable goals with your New Year resolutions. I chose to volunteer with the Sky Tavern Jr Ski Program. Instructing young children and instilling a love for winter sports I find to be very rewarding. My father was a volunteer with the National Ski Patrol Association when I was a kid. He volunteered every weekend with my brothers and me in tow to ski. I remember that he always had a smile on his face as I followed him all over the hill during his patrol duties. There was a great return on his investment of time that personified down to us. My brothers and I are lifelong skiers with a deep love of the sport and the outdoors in general. Now it’s my turn to give back and follow in my dad’s footsteps as I train to be an instructor this year and get certified to be volunteer  ski patrol for the 2014 season.

Resolutions don’t have to be complicated! They may be as simple as being more courteous. For example inviting the person behind you in the checkout line to go ahead or perhaps holding a door open for someone. Whatever you choose to do, give it all you have and do it with passion! Have fun with your resolutions!

If you are interested in volunteering here are a few local non-profit organizations that are vital to our community

If you are interested in volunteering with Sky Tavern Jr Ski program Click Here.

If you are interested in volunteering with Reno Bike Project Click Here.

For general volunteering opportunities visit  for more information.