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Random Things I love, have, want, and or otherwise DIY’d and The Police

Talk, meet, call, engage, network, produce, think… critically think, create, draw, layout, photograph, edit, write, moderate, reply, S T O P.    …Work, meet, call, engage, produce, think… critically think, layout , draw, create, photograph, edit, write, tweet,  moderate, reply, S T O P. Time to reflect……

Enjoy. Happy Summer Soltice to one and all.

Today I stopped and smelled the roses per say. For a second. It’s the longest day of the year and my favorite day outside of Fall and Spring here in the high desert. The garden is growing[first] and my aries persona is beaming, [Thanks to many friends and family that are rooting].   The day is as long as the birds are singing , networks are expanding and a resolve is in sight….s t o p. Someone asked me the other day how it was possible to process all those tweets everyday….I couldn;’t answer yet I do do do,  however in hindsight…the answer is that the brain is big and mostly unused….  Too much food for thought though sometimes. yes. Knowledge is pain. Seek Bliss.

As I sit in my favorite garden chair and write at about 8:45 pm and the sun is still up and feeling that twilight coming on i remember to take the time to reflect. And slowly write. as it taken me 24 hours to finish…

I have gathered a few photos of the moment……. loves, wants, haves, and DIY’s for you to see. [and probably again on Pinterest soon…..or twitter or my gallery site … maybe FB.]   Keep moving but remember to always S  T  O  P. and enjoy.

OOOh…just felt a minute earthquake…..yikes none felt since 2007…..wild! [note to self…must attach earthquake strap to mid century hutch my Dad built.] 

Photo of the Moment [5]

Snow Dogs | 2011

She’s got her 4WD on and loves the back country but wants to be browsing the rags on typography, architecture, design and photography in the corner book and music shop on a Saturday afternoon…then we’d hit O’Leary’s as it’s St Paddy’s Day.

Happy St Patrick’s Day to all.

[…it just started to softly snow…]

Photo of the Moment [4]

2 feet of Snow | 2 inches of Rain | Norden CA

Clearly Not a Ski Day.  Photo Credit: AT Adventures

Photo of the Moment [3]

Izze: Lake Tahoe Back Country Ski Dog | Photo by AT Adventures 2012

Photo of the Moment

Like the Kodak moment of days long gone “Photo of the Moment” is a random posting of photos by ST Photography, AT Adventures and other contributors. Here we will capture the day, a moment that sparks the creativity or something that simply captures our attention. A quick post with a visual feast. It’s like fast food but is good for you.

If you’d like to contribute to Photo of the Moment use the contact page here

Just for fun here is a blog bit on Eastman-Kodak and the end of an era.

Image Info:  This is the first photo of the moment and was taken in the Lake Tahoe area on the way up the north face of Tamarack Ridge by AT Adventures. A couple powder hounds that ski their hometown hills like the back of their hand.

The huff up after a big line. | B. and Izze | AT Adventures c2012

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