365: A Study. January | 2011

Tamarack Ridge | c2011



365: A Study. One Year of Images Taken Only with a Smart Phone.   I started this project in January 2011 after conjuring up the idea the previous December sitting on my front porch experimenting with a new camera phone. The settings panel has quite a few options for exposure control:  ISO, white balance, resolution, widescreen res 3:2 or 4:3, quality exposure brightness which is very handy and the beloved effects options. It was here that the project was born. I had achieved an image that look like any photo my dad took in the 70’s with that funky color. [Retro Pink] Then the next shot I switched up the effect and got this dark, moody, evil cloud image that looked like it could be the cover to a book for a new world order cult. [Sky Rider] I loved it and from there I didn’t look back. For a while I was shooting just from my front porch at different times of the day with about the same settings and getting very different results based on the light. This little phone camera has been fun and I’m looking forward to getting a few images on canvas. Believe it or not the enlargements look good, a bit grainy but that’s my style.

This post is dedicated to Mr. Withrow, Mr. Davis, Mrs. Davis, KC, Pam, Stephanie, Kim and Tracy. We will never forget.